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Nội dung: Jaunt VR has developed a GPU based large scale video processing platform to combine multiple HD camera streams in radial configuration into seamlessly stitched stereoscopic spherical panoramas. The approach uses complex computational photography algorithms that require sharded processing of the data across hundreds of cloud based GPU instances. microsoft streets and trips This Belluno, Italy-based company estimates that in 2013 its intermodal transport solutions resulted in a reduction of CO2 emission of more than the 80 percent in comparison to pure road transport. Besides strong use of the railway, the company keeps its vehicle fleet constantly up to date by replacing the oldest and most polluting trucks with newer, more eco-friendly vehicles. The company optimizes reverse logistics to minimize the need to move empty containers for long hauls, thereby reducing significant emissions. With more than 500 pressurized silo containers that can travel via various means of transportation, the company also minimizes the use of trucks. As I’ve stated before, I would overlook this phone and wait for the Motorola Xoom, as it’s coming out at a similar time but will actually be a piece of android history as being THE honeycomb tablet. You can’t say that about the Atrix. Sure it’s one of the first tegra phones, but that’s all it will be. The Xoom on the other hand has had the android version it runs made for it, as well as mind blowing specs, and it will be a sight to behold. lynda com discount Still, Microsoft’s lobbyists also continue to work heavily on antitrust, patent, copyright, trade, and China issues. Sixty-four percent of the 76 lobbyists employed by Microsoft are registered on these issues. Eighty-one percent of those lobbyists have previous government experience, according to a HuffPost analysis of lobbying disclosure reports and data collected by the Center for Responsive Politics. talking about “normal” and “respectable” religion beliefs. don’t ge me started on this, since i’ve seen brave doctors PAY for saving a life and with carreers ruined because of the trials.

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